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EnvyMovies offers different ways for advertising your business infront of the Bulgarian community. In this page you will find relevant information about the types of advertisements we accept and the prices.

Note: We are not accepting porn ads.


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Represents 95% of our Visitors

Accepted Ad Methods

Currently we are accepting the methods shown below but we are always open to more suggestions. If you have a different method for advertising in mind, please contact us and we might work something out.

Important: Banner ads are being displayed on all pages in either the header or the footer.

Large Leaderboard Banner

Leaderboard Banner

Player Pre-Roll Ads

News Square Ad


We are offering fixed monthly prices only.

Top Banner: 300 USD

Footer Banner: 250 USD

Pre-Roll: 400 USD

Square Ad: 150 USD


Please contact us directly on our Facebook page to get a fast reply. Click here to open the page! Otherwise, please use our contact form.